Guild Card

Given Name/Title: Leyta Svet the Purple MosaicGender: MaleRace: HumanJob/Class: ApothecaryWeapon: Poison, DaggerSkills: [Poison Resistance], [Still Hide], [Disguise],[Far Sight]Equipment: Clothes, SatchelAdventurer Rank: EMissions Completed: 0Missions Failed: 0Inventory:Gold: 0 Advertisements

Adventurer Log #1

After I took the quest of slaying boards, I immediately set off to [Verdant Plains]. The plains spun quite wide, the luscious greenery seep to my boots every time I step in. The plains were fairly safe. Even if it was infested with monsters, they are weak and openly hunted. Right now, I’m aiming for … More Adventurer Log #1

Chapter 5 part 1

We went back to the tent where the injured villagers situated. We asked the elder sitting in the corner with a very tired face. “That monster came to our town a day ago… and my people who set sights on that monster has turned into it’s puppets.” The elder answered dejectedly. “So you fled without knowing … More Chapter 5 part 1

Chapter 1

“I died didn’t I?” My body was shaking and I heard some faint voice. “…-chan. Onii-chan…” — Huh, Is that Kurumi… The voice grew larger and I was shaking more vigorously. So I tried opening my eyes. “Kurumi, I see, you died too? Wait, were you always this small?” “What the hell are you say… … More Chapter 1


I slowly opened my eyes and found out I was amidst this fire. I’ve got no idea where was I. — Where am I? I was lying in a shattered window feeling cold with my eyesight blurred. I tried mustering my strength but I still can’t get up. So I let down my hand. — … More Prologue